The ideal partner to find, select and manage suppliers in Asia

JohnClo srls is able to find suppliers for any type of product, service or process.
The products we currently serve are:
– Gravity aluminum castings
– High pressure aluminum castings
– Molded sheet metal
– Sliced steel
-Components in rubber PE, PP, PVC, HDPE, Soft-Touch, LDPE, printed and screen printed
– Forged steel
-ABS anti-lock braking system
– Mechanical components
– Mechanical processing

Thirty years of experience in the Asian market, especially in the areas AUTOMOTIVE, LIGHT VEHICLES, MACHINING, ALUMINIUM CUSTING, has allowed us to build a network of profound knowledge and viable suppliers especially for:

Shock absorbers

Wide range of shock absorbers for automobiles , motorcycles and for light vehicles .

Aluminium castings

Die casting and gravity casting

Aluminium wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels for cars and light vehicles


articles, plates and fixings in steel and stainless steel for construction sites and industrialized prefabrication in concrete. Products comply with European standards.

Brakes Disc Motorcycles

Hydraulic brakes for motorcycles.

Braking systems light vehicles

Hydraulic and mechanical braking systems.

Gear boxes

Gear boxes for light vehicles with diesel engines,  gasoline engines and electric motors.


Automatic and manual Transmission for industrial vehicles.

Tubes processing

Shaping and bending of hydraulic tubes.

Welded chassis

Assembly of steel chassis and aluminum welded